Kids and Arts Week

Creativity and fun for young and old at the Luna-Center Wilhelmsburg!

We are pleased to announce that we will be running a Kids and Arts Week again this year. This time it will take place from 09th November – 13th November 2021 with a family party on the Saturday to wrap up the week. We will also be welcoming an outside team to help put on this week with us.

Looking back: In the Autumn holidays of 2020, fun for the children and good entertainment for all was the order of the day at the Luna-Center shopping centre. Artists from Wilhelmsburg and all over Germany managed to entertain and get their audiences thinking through their enjoyment of painting, photography, music making or clowning, despite the Corona restrictions. All the children who had discovered the craft activities became enthusiastic participants. Out thanks also go to the Island-Bear for all he contributed!

There were also interesting art workshops on drawing, creative writing, and hand lettering which took place over three evenings at the Studio House “Atelierhaus 23”. During the week we wanted to share hope and joy, to get into conversation with the people in the area and to encourage people to reflect.