The Lichtinsel

The Lichtinsel (literally: Light-Island) is a regional initiative of SHKI and has been active on the River Elbe island of Wilhelmsburg since 2011.

The Island

Wilhelmsburg is one of the largest inhabited river islands in Europe and possibly the most interesting, colourful and richest in contrasts:
Nature and port industry stand seamlessly side by side. From the gardens of nice detached houses you look up to the facades of large prefabricated buildings and blocks of flats. Long-established German Wilhelmsburgers mingle at the Aldi checkout with migrants from Africa, Turkey and many other countries. Luxury problems like hosting the International Building Exhibition and the International Garden Show in 2013 compete with existential problems like poverty, homelessness and alcohol addiction.

The Team

All the staff of the Lichtinsel live on the island and identify daily with the challenges and joys as well as the worries and problems of the people in this part of town. The Lichtinsel team tries to spread light and hope where darkness and desolation shape everyday life. Internationality and diversity are our trademarks. Our staff come from different countries and continents and the team consists of both full-time and volunteer staff.

The Lichtinsel

Events relevant for our neighbourhood take place in the Lichtinsel. We experiment with different ideas, try new things out and whatever “catches on” is developed further. The Lichtinsel serves the community both as an office space and as a meeting place.

This is where you can find us


    Our Partners

    We support and work in partnership with Christian and social services in the local area. For example

    • The protestant church, jesusfriends wilhelmsburg
    • The Evangelical Alliance Hamburg
    • westend open.med
    • Childrens’ programme in Residential accommodation for refugees


    The Lichtinsel is a regional initiative of the foundation Humanitarian Cooperation International (SHKI).

    SHKI would like to be an example of humanity and love. It wants to help ensure that people are treated as valued human beings, that dignity and respect are more than empty words. The motivation for these goals is found in the foundation’s Christian ethics.

    For more information see: www.shki.org